Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kufiya in Poland, front page of New York Times

Piotr Malecki for The New York Times

The front page of yesterday's (October 27) New York Times featured this photo of a kufiya-adorned woman in a Polish electronics store, as part of a story about the slowdown in Poland's once-hot economy. (Thanks, Joel.) Another example of how downright common the kufiya has become. And how even when you are suffering economically, you can still look stylish.


Anonymous said...

First Arkansas, now Poland. How much more stylish can you get?
Meanwhile, here in Paris, it's now only for the tacky.

Anonymous said...


Birdseed said...

Spotted another entry in the kufiyah decline.

Dansband is Sweden's equivalent to Nashville country or German Schlager - conservative, rural, unhip music. National television has a weekly competition of the stuff going on - but what's the lead singer of the band Scotts wearing in this publicity photo and video?