Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheikha Rimitti, Charrak Gataa‘

I previously posted on this song (usually translated as "Tear, Cut" or "Tear, Lacerate,") recorded in 1954, arguing that the claim that the song was an unambiguous call on young Algerian women to abandon their virginity.

I've been searching for (a) a good transcription of the lyrics and (b) a translation. I went back to the task today and discovered that there are (at least) two versions of the song.

First, there is this version, released on Pathé in 1954, which is 6:07 long.

And, there is this version, which is 3:42 long.

The shorter version is one found on this CD, released by L'Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, from a series of concerts Rimitti gave at the IMA in February 1994.

I found this translation here, which I've fixed just a bit, but it still doesn't make sense in a lot of places. It's a bit of a mess in fact. I will come back to it shortly, I hope, but in the meantime inshallah someone will see this and help me out!

lacère, déchire 
lacère, déchire 
lacère, déchire  
la figure Rimitti revient
lacère, déchire 
j'ai déchirer droit sur le coté

la la la la la la

la route de Blida est loin

et nous prenons une taxi

route de blida route de blida

regardez moi ils m'ont demander de payer

lacère, déchire 

la figure de rimitti est de retour

fais comme ci comme ca comme hier a l'hotel

comme hier sur le lit (bis) 

ya ya ya

l'amour dans nos yeux chez les faikine
l'amour ya l'amour l'amour

retournade retournade retournade

retournade retournade fait le fort a celui qui le desir

l'amour ya l'amoure l'amour

dix bagards est compagnon me devore

faiseur d'histoire nous envoyer des belle colombe

lacère, déchire lacère, déchire lacère, déchire 

lacère, déchire l'ombre de rimitti reapparait

More later...

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