Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1st anniversary of Bahrain uprising: kufiya over gas mask

Today (February 14) marks the first anniversary of the Bahraini uprising. Although crushed by Bahraini security forces, with the support of Saudi Arabia, and the quiet connivance of the US administration, Bahraini pro-democracy forces continue to protest and to organize and to fight for freedom.

Here's a video showing marchers in Manama, Bahrain, yesterday, heading to Pearl (Lu'lu') Square. Anticipating a confrontation with security forces, they put on their gas masks. And some, including Nabil Rajab, a prominent human rights activist, put a kufiya over the gas mask.

Nabil dons his gas mask

and then the kufiya

(If you watch the vid you'll notice that others do the same.)

The new face gear for the Arab revolts: kufiya over gas mask.

(I got this from the New York Times, from a piece by Robert Mackey on the Times blog, The Lede.)

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