Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another 'Glee' Kufiya

Glee is turning out to be the most kufiya-laden mainstream TV show ever. First, Mercedes wore a kufiya, in season one, as my readers will recall. And now, in the current season, Kurt (in the episode, "Mash-Off," first broadcast November 15, 2011).

He goes into the office of Coach Sylvester, to complain about the negative campaign ads she is running on TV against his dad, in a congressional campaign. Coach Sylvester gives him some advice about running his own campaign, for student body president. At one point, while dispensing with her wisdom, she even makes a reference to the scarf he is wearing, when she tells Kurt, "Have a seat, Yasir." (!)

It is some kinda weird kufiya gear that he is wearing, because it's not only the khaki scarf, but he seems to be wearing it over some kind of black-and-white kufiya shirt, as you can see from this photo, in this view from behind. (Fox doesn't have the episode up on the web, so I found the episode up elsewhere, with subtitles in Czech.)

Thanks to Noa for lettin' me know about this.

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Abdul-Halim V. said...

I was actually thinking about giving you a heads-up about this too. Also, if you watch the episode from the beginning, during the first song Mike Chang wears a scarf with a checkerboard pattern which could be easily mistaken for a kufiyah.

And then in a bizzare turn, Kurt later refers to dodge ball as a form of "modern-day stoning" which should be banned.