Friday, October 28, 2011

World Book Kufiya

Thanks to Alyssa for sending me this. Unbelievable. And how do you read this: the kufiya subversively penetrating the mainstream? World Book coopting subversion? Or does that kufiya just look damned good? All of the above? Yeah, stunning. (Click on the photo for the full effect.)


Savidge/Bowers Librarian said...

Thanks for posting - so gratifying to be mentioned by name. My take on it is that World Book was trying to safely join the multi-cult; it's a cute accessory on a blond teenager, but a subversive threat on someone a few shades darker. Or maybe they're subtly advertising how broad the scope and appeal of their product is? "We are so awesomely openminded that a random cross-section of our users includes a kufiyeh-wearing girl of Swedish extraction. Now check out our index for the latest census data on the Mapuche Indians!" That kind of thing.

Ted Swedenburg said...

awesome analysis!