Tuesday, March 02, 2010

interzone radio, march 2

podcast for the show is here. and the playlist is here.

be sure to check out this video, "Ali Baba Twist," from Bob Azzam, of "Ya Mustapha" fame:

and make sure you check out Mutamassik's terrific new release, ThatWhichDeathCannotDestroy.

read about what wayne says about it here. You can download it for free via wayne as well.

here is what I wrote about her 2005 album, Definitive Works.


jasmine said...

i did some kufiya-spotting in skins, a british tv show.... the druggie slacker kid is wearing one throughout the entire first episode of the show. he has a pakistani friend played by dev patel of slumdog millionaire fame.

i took some screen-shots. i can send you them if you're interested.

Ted Swedenburg said...

oh yes, please send. and thanks a mil.

jasmine said...


from the first scenes of the series in which Chris is established as the druggie slacker


Chris talking to his crush (who is also his psych teacher)


Chris goes out with his muslim friend Anwar (Dev Patel) and his gay friend Maxxie to a gay club


Chris and friends arrive at a party at a posh girl's house

Ted Swedenburg said...

cool, thanks so much! i'll have to check this out a bit more...