Wednesday, February 24, 2010

interzone radio show, podcast & playlist, for tues. feb. 23

podcast for this show is here.
playlist for the show is here.

included in the show is the musical soundtrack to a stunningly beautiful video by Tashweesh. this is a must, must see. Tashweesh is Basel Abbas and boikutt, formerly of Ramallah Underground and Ruanne Abu Rahme, a really brilliant video artist. the still photo reproduced here is from the film. again, please watch it. here.


YGQ said...

Hello Ted,

Is it because of my English? I don't understand what you mean writing "the still reproduced is from the film"?... I may use, with your permission, this video for a coming post: any adding information (or link) is welcome!
Thanks again for your blog,
Yves GQ

Ted Swedenburg said...

Yves, sorry, I fixed it so it's clearer. It's a still photo that I 'sampled' from the film. Tashweesh would be THRILLED if you used the video. I don't really have any more information other than that this is the new project of the 2 ex-Ramallah Underground guys, plus Ruanne. Link is

And thanks for YOUR blog.

YGQ said...

Thank's for the help! I try not to focuss exclusively on Palestine... But I'm sure I'll use that realy interesting video once... Amitiés !