Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kufiya Notes #6341

Here are some random kufiya notes that I've been collecting for awhile, and haven't managed to post previously.

#1: Quiqui (pronounced Kiki) from Kabobfest speaks to Riz Khan about the kufiya, in particular about Kabobfest's efforts to try to invest the kufiya with positive meanings. Riz Khan is a major figure on Aljazeera English. (I had never watched Aljazeera English before I went to Israel, and found it to be quite professional. And more informative, on international affairs, than CNN (the US version). It's curious that Aljazeera can be seen on satellite television in Israel, while the network is virtually banned in the US.)

#2: A report from Ynet on conflicts in Israel last November over kufiyas at Haifa University and Hebrew University (Jerusalem). Palestinian students at both universities organized "kufiya days" in response to an attack on a Palestinian student garbed in kufiya. On both campuses the kufiya day events were met with counter-protests.

#3. This one is a scream. Back in April, the British anti-aviation eco-activist group Plane Stupid uncovered a corporate spy who had been sent to infiltrate them, who went by the name, Ken Tobias (real name: Toby Kendall). What gave him away? In particular, his incongruous dress habits: (corporate) Armani jeans and designer shirts along with an (activist) kufiya! Read the report in the London Times. Here's his photo--not looking so corporate, but he doesn't really know how to wear that kufiya, does he? No activist worth their salt would wear it like that!

#4: A footnote to my earlier post (kufiyaspotting #22) on Israeli fashion designer Nili Lotan and her use of the kufiya. This photo is taken from an article entitled "Battle dress" that appeared in Monocle. (I'm trying to get hold of the complete article.)

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