Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kufiyaspotting #23: Robert Geller

The more time I spend on this subject, the more amazed I am at how ubiquitous the kufiya has become. I missed this from last fall, Robert Geller's scarf, from his prestigious Harald line, which according to Laura Schechter, was "envisioned [by Geller] as an interpretation of the Arabic warm-weather scarf, also known as a shemagh, designed to protect from direct sun and shield the mouth and eyes from dust and sand." Schechter calls it "the Harald Kaffiyeh scarf."

And, according to this article in Nylon, the German-born Geller typically wears a "Palestinian scarf" of the sort that he used to finish off the look of most of his Autumn '06 line.


Anonymous said...

Always nice to see German embracing Palestinian symbols. The Palestinians, after all, have certainly earned a lot from Germany.

nabeel said...

Not kufiya, but Georgio Armani's 'foulards' in this story:,,2176449,00.html