Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kufiyaspotting #11: Spain's PM Zapatero

Ha'aretz reports that Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero accused Israel of using "abusive force" in Lebanon while addressing a meeting of young Socialists on Wednesday. Israel's ambassador to Spain said that these remarks had "damaged" Spanish-Israel relations. According to Ha'aretz, Zapatero was wearing a black-and white "Palestinian scarf" (Ha'aretz can't say kufiya, although the word is well known in Israel--but perhaps Reuters, the source of the report, is to blame) while making the remarks, given to him by one of the young Socialists.

Last kufiyaspotting here.

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thedude22 said...

So far as I know, Professor Swedenburg, you can't read Hebrew, so you really have no idea what word Ha'aretz actually used for kufiya, do you? Some translator chose to use "Palestinian scarf" for the English site, which no Israelis read, anyway. Big deal.

Ted Swedenburg said...

Not really a big deal, and possibly Reuters used the term originally. Still, given the fact that kufiya is commonly used, interesting that "Palestinian scarf" was used. Kurds wear the same kind of scarf.

manouchehr said...

Youtube, Aljazeera, American soldiers in Afghanistan with Kufiya

manouchehr said...

American soldier in Afghanistan with Kufia