Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Give Money to This Guy!

At last, a courageous Democrat. (OK, so 7 Congresspeople voted against the "we support Israel 1000% percent" bill recently passed.) Jonathan Tasini, challenging Hilary Clinton in the upcoming primary, is actually critical of Israel's actions in Lebanon and Gaza, reports the New York Times. Israel has “committed many acts of brutality and violations of human rights and torture,” he said in an interview with the blog Room 8. "Are your actions in violation of the international norms of the Geneva Convention, and so on? And I think it’s sad to say, but it’s clear, yeah.”

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson responded, "It’s outrageous, offensive and beyond the pale.” Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations said of Tasini, “His ignorance is appalling.”

For Hilary's enlightened views on Israel, go here. (In her running after Israel, of course, she is not at all out of line with mainstream Democratic leaders. Reid, Pelosi, and Kerry all expressed their outrage yesterday at Iraqi PM al-Maliki's criticisms of Israel.)

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