Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration Rally in Springdale, Arkansas

Immigration Rally
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Today thousands rallied in Springdale, Arkansas (just north of my hometown of Fayetteville), joining the hundreds of thousands who rallied throughout the country in favor of fair and humane immigration reform. I'll report on the estimates of the crowd when I read the papers tomorrow morning, but it was huge. The state of Arkansas has had the fastest growing Hispanic population (percentage-wise) in the entire US, and Northwest Arkansas is one of the most important centers of Hispanic growth in the state, due to the construction boom and the poultry industry (Tysons and others). Tysons did not even bother opening its plants here today. Si, se puede!

I'll post more photos from the rally on my flickr account (see right column) soon, I hope.

(Postscript: Local papers reported the size of the crowd at 3-5,000, but I believe it was bigger. One third of the population of Springdale (total, 60,000) is now Hispanic, according to the results of a census released in the last week.)

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Not Crunchy said...

Awesome - glad to see some activism in my hometown. I'm in CA now and people are always amazed to learn that there is a huge latino population in NWA.