Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The fate of art in the Middle East: two comments

"One day, the war will end and I will return to my poem" 

Not sure who the artist is for this one

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Hammer said...

The artist for the second one is Jordanian caricaturist Emad Hajjaj (Arabic: الرسام عماد حجاج). I met him early on in his career as he began painting his famous cartoon-caricature of Abu-Mahjoob at Al-Rai daily newspaper in 1993. He was invited by the arts college dean at my university to give us graphic-arts students back then a lecture on the art of caricature. I have to admit that I have found it all too boring, so I slipped at the back of the lecture hall and went outside to smoke a ciggie!

Here's his Wiki page IYI: