Thursday, December 18, 2014

More kufiya fashion

I've not been paying that much attention to the kufiya fashion front, but occasionally I get notification of interesting new developments, via Pinterest (where I have a kufiya board, which I add to infrequently.) I recently came across some new items which I feel I must share.

These are described as Givenchy kufiyyeh platforms (source). I've been unable to confirm whether Givenchy really sells or sold such an item. But pretty amazing, eh?

I found these items at the Dusty-Reykjavik blog. These are all by the Danish designer Cecilie JØrgensen, who has lots of kufiya fashion items. And here are some more:

This is via Cover, where you can see even more Cecilie JØrgensen kufiya fashion.

Finally, kufiya shorts, from Zara. This one found at Carolines Mode blog, from Stockholm.

So I guess kufiya fashion is really going strong in Scandinavia, eh?


A Crafty Arab said...

Lovely pictorial, shukran for sharing. I've added those amazing shoes to my Arabesque Pinterest Board.

Hammer said...

Hello Ted,

Al-Jazeera Arabic tonight has broadcasted a documentary about kuffiyas; their historic background, the use of these in the cinema, and the modern political "consumption" of this fashion item in today's revolutions.

Ted Swedenburg said...

Thanks Hammer, I'm gonna try to track it down.