Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Wadad

Awhile back I posted about the Jewish-Lebanese singer Wadad, most famous for her unforgettable song "Tindam."

Now the invaluable music blog Naksh al-Sanadeeq has posted two more songs by Wadad, "Wedding Song - اتمخطري يا عروسة" and "Gypsy Fortune Teller's Song - بصارة براجة", both songs composed by Sayyid Darwish. They are both wonderful versions, and it's great to have access to additional Sayyid Darwish covers, as well as two more tracks from Wadad.

Here's a version of "Gypsy Fortune Teller's Song - بصارة براجة" by Horeya Hassan, and Sayyid Darwish's own version here. And here are the Arabic lyrics, by Yunis al-Qadi. Plus Munira Mahdia's version.

Here's Sayyid Darwish doing "Wedding Song - اتمخطري يا عروسة". Ismail Yasin and Feyrouz do a version of the song as well, but I can't find an online version.

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Hammer said...

Hello Ted,

There are two famous monologues where Egyptian comedian Ismaîl Yacine sings this very popular wedding march-like song. Here they are:

Ismaîl Yacine - Itmakhtari (Ya 'Aroussah) إتمختري يا عروسة - (Saunter O Bride):
Composed by Ahmad Sabrah; Lyrics by Ismaîl Yacine.
This monologue was sung by Ismaîl Yacine along with Fairouz (also known as Pairouz, full name: Pairouz Artin Kalvian; an Armenian-Syrian born in Egypt in 1943).
The film from which this monologue was taken from is 'Dahab' (Gold); made in 1953, and premiered at Miami Cinema, Cairo in March 23rd, 1953, directed by (and starring), Anwar Wajdi; who's the manager of Fairouz and the one who nicknamed this seven year-old showgirl "Taqtouqah", that she became known by later.
Here's the film's first poster: دهب.
The monologue can be downloaded (after registration) from
In the same link, you'd find a low-quality video for the same monologue.
For the whole film, click here.

Ismaîl Yacine - 'Oullou Lil'Aroussah Itmakhtari قوللوا للعروسة إتمختري - (Tell The Bride to Saunter):
Composed by Izzat Al-Ghali; Lyrics by, Fathi Qourah.
This is another monologue from the 1954 film 'Efritat Ismaîl' (Ismaîl's Fairy), directed by Hassan As-Saify.
To download it, please use this MediaFire link that I had prepared especially for you: Enjoy!.
Link to watch the whole film:
Watch here (Note: The song starts at exactly 20:54).