Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All-Pakistan Interzone Radio Show, August 17: playlist & podcast, plus info on how you can help Pakistan flood victims

here's the podcast, and here, the playlist

Pakistanis desperately need our support. This is especially imperative in the US, where a shockingly high percentage of the populace consider Pakistanis unworthy of any help whatsoever. Check out this Washington Post poll, where an appalling 68% say they plan not, ever to donate money to Pakistani relief. The comments are even more loathsome than the raw numbers.

Here is a typical comment: The reason I won't donate is simple. "I don't give a damn about those miserable, flea-infested hordes of walking crap. You can thank the terrorists for my lousy attitude. POSTED BY: ADRIENNE_NAJJAR | AUGUST 16, 2010 3:55 PM"

If you are someone who is open to listening to music from Pakistan, which means you can imagine that Pakistanis are not all "terrorists," then it is really incumbent upon you to send some cash, even a small amount, to your fellow humans who are in such great need.

Here are some recommended avenues for making donations:

Via the US government, if you are so inclined. It's easy, text "SWAT" to 50555 and make a $10 contribution that will help provide tents, clothing, food, clean drinking water, and medicine to people displaced by floods.

The Nation magazine, of course, offers an array of ways to help, in this article by Pete Rothberg.

And here are a couple of important articles about the flood:

Ahmed Rashid, "Pakistan floods: an emergency for the West"

Middle East Report Online, Disaster Strikes the Indus River Valley, From the Editors


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