Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gaza on Our Minds Rap-a-thon in NYC: Tomorrow!

I really wish I could go to this event. If you are in NYC, don't miss it. I've not heard any of these rappers before except for Palestinian MC Sabreena Da Witch (AKA Abeer), who appears in the film Slingshot HipHop and guests on Invincible's track, "People Not Places."

I'm happy to report that there was a fundraising event for Gaza in Fayetteville last Sunday, sponsored by the Omni Center for Peace Justice and Ecology, and featuring Hedy Epstein as the speaker. Hedy is a holocaust survivor who has been active in the Free Gaza Movement, and was on the first Free Gaza boats to make it to Gaza carrying relief supplies back in August, along with Jeff Halper and Fun'Da'Mental's Aki Nawaz, among others. Hedy has also been active in the International Solidarity Movement, and has participated in a number of demonstrations against the apartheid wall, particularly at Bil'in. She is a very inspiring speaker. The money raised went to ANERA.

Alas, it wasn't a hip-hop event, but it did raise money for Gaza.

UPDATE, Feb. 12. The event raised $1460.


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Check this out - here - and let us know when your college does the same.


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