Monday, December 29, 2008

Kufiyaspotting #44: AnnaLynne McCord

Thanks to Rochelle, who alerted me to this. AnnaLynne McCord is on the cast of the The CW's new 90210 spinoff. She also appeared in the fifth season of Nip/Tuck.

Rochelle found this on the very snarky Go Fug Yourself blog. Here's what it has to say about McCord's fashion sense:

Those tights + those boots + that scarf = accessories overload, dude. Pick one and stick with it. Not that I would be able to advise you which to choose, as each of your accessories is problematic for me:

1) The scarf: haven't you seen that scarf on nearly every person in town under 35 at some point in the last three years? Including Lauren Conrad. Just take ten minutes to think about that. But, of course, it's just a scarf. A scarf alone can not entirely constitute a fashion crime. Unless, I guess, that IS all you're wearing.

(Points 2 & 3 critique the tights and boots.)

Go Fug Yourself is full of evidence that McCord's fashion sense is not, er, exemplary. And what do you make of this outfit? It's a bit bellydance, no? (Apparently she is trying to look pirate-ish, which is not really that farfetched. Think Barbary Pirates.)

(I've not yet spotted Lauren Conrad, of the MTV show The Hills, in kufiya. But I'll keep looking.)


Anonymous said...

Research, then write. Mccord was in las vegas in the pirate ship show that's why she was wearing a piratess outfit. ...duh.

Ted Swedenburg said...

That's right, that's what it says in the Go Fug Yourself post I linked to (and did, in fact, read). What I find interesting is that her 'pirate' outfit looks more like a raqs sharqi outfit.

John Schaefer said...

It's Lauren Conrad, not Hutton, but the scarf is just red dots with black and white zebra stripes:

Ted Swedenburg said...

John, thanks for the correction--I fixed it. And you're right, that scarf doesn't resemble a kufiya at all! Is there any real evidence?