Monday, September 29, 2008

koffee-yehs! take that, dunkin' donuts!

I love it. I only recently heard about this campaign, which involves photos from all over the country of people drinking (their last cup of) dunkin' donuts coffee in a kufiya, in protest over the Rachael Ray debacle. (Thanks, Nadia.) Check the blog out for more photos like this one, which is from New Orleans. The big easy!

See, kufiyas still have their uses. Take that, hipsters.

And here's the campaign video:


Anonymous said...

Are youaware that a large percentage of DD shop owners are Arab and/or Muslim/?

I'm sure they reaaly appreciate your "protecting" them bystarving their families with a boycott.

Learn, THEN speak.

Ted Swedenburg said...

if you look at the photos in the koffee-yehs blog, you'll notice that most or many of those pictured are--probably--Arab and/or Muslim. they probably KNOW the owners.

John Schaefer said...

The pictures are so cute! And that's what's cool about it: They're not posing with Starbucks or Krispy Kreme. It's like they're trying to underline the essential silliness of the whole hyperreactionary opposition to Rachel Ray and DD in the first place.

Anonymous said...

"if you look at the photos in the koffee-yehs blog, you'll notice that most or many of those pictured are--probably--Arab and/or Muslim."

Thanks Ted, any further tips on identifying the Arab or Muslim "look" would be appreciated! I'm not as good at identifying them as you are, but man THAT could be useful.

OJComputer said...

As one of the creators of the Koffeeyeh's Campaign I am incredibly insulted by the first and fourth comments.
We are not simply boycotting the corporation, unlike what many others have supported, since we understand that many owners of individual Dunkin Donuts establishments will suffer from it. On the contrary, we are interested in starting a dialogue with the Dunkin Donuts advertising department in response to their irresponsible and ignorant capitulation to the fear tactics of the conservative right. We simply want to inform the public of the truth about the kuffiyeh, as well as the blatant fear mongering certain idiotic bloggers and "journalists" spend their time perpetuating.

And for your information, yes most of the people pictured ARE arab - and some DO know Dunkin Donuts owners or have worked at a Dunkin Donuts.


Thank you, Mr. Sedenburg, for your support. Perhaps we will have the honor of receiving a pic of your own in the future?


Ted Swedenburg said...

Thanks, ojcomputer. As for a photo, I'll have to actually find a DD here. Not sure we have one!