Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun^Da^Mental Documentary

In the course of hunting for more Fun'Da'Mental material, I discovered that the documentary on the group, which is included on an invaluable bonus DVD that comes with the CD for All Is War: The Benefits of G-had, is available to watch, and download online here. Directed by SpiritualKids, it is called "If I Wanted Your Opinion I Would have Given it to You." It's well worth the watch. I particularly enjoyed the concert footage from the early days of the band's existence, but there is also a lot of interesting commentary from the band's various members over the years, including not just Aki Nawaz and Dave Watts, but also vocalist Lloyd Sparkes and Nawazish Ali Khan, the qawwali artist who sings and plays harmonium and violin with the band.

And there's more kufiya material. In the film, Aki (who always seems to have one on) calls the kufiya a "PLO scarf" and he says "it's a symbol of oppression, resistance and fighting back."

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