Thursday, June 07, 2007

More T's

I was just alerted to the t-shirts sold by Dangerous Breed (Thanks, Bob). "An independent t-shirt and clothing company based in Brooklyn NYC founded in 2001. In a world of political polarization, “with us or against us” rhetoric, and either completely meaningless or painfully obvious t-shirts (usually both), it set out to do something a little different: to make content and style part of the same equation. To make people think rather than tell them WHAT to think."

Dangerous Breed's mission: "To evolve the message t-shirt into a new and "dangerous" breed of fashion as social commentary."

They are crazy and cool and thought-provoking. But what is most provocative about them is that they cost $33! Who the hell can afford that?

If I had $33 to blow on a t-shirt, I also like the "Ski Iraq" and the "USA out of NYC" models.


Letango said...

I want the Petro Sexual shirt. It rocks.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the guy who makes these in NYC in my hood in Nolita....he prints them all by hand. he charges $20 or 25 for onsite buys. I'm not sure $33 is THAT bad. have you checked out any store except Wal Mart lately? you could pay at least $25-30 in a store for a trendy (and usually lame) shirt, $10-15 for a made in china Homer Simpson shirt, or $33 for something made BY the artist, anti corporate and with meaning. think about it. look at the tags and how much you paid for what you're wearing right now. two cents as a fellow artist trying to make a living.

Ted Swedenburg said...

I stand corrected on the issue of the pricing. Buy these t's and support the artists!