Sunday, March 12, 2006

Flaming Creature Devendra Banhart: NYT

Crazy fashion spread featuring Devendra Banhart & his group (Hairy Fairy) in today's New York Times Spring Men's Fashion magazine. With an article by Daphne Merkin called "Gender Trouble" which, of course, cites Judith Butler's book of the same title.

What the spread reminded me was of all those lucious, quasi-Orientalist tableaux in Jack Smith's underground film Flaming Creatures (1963), one of my favorite films of all time. (Last spring I organized a film series for the Gender Studies program at U of A called "Flaming Creatures," which featured the Smith film.) I've put up one image (it's the one on the right), but go see the film.

And go see Devendra Banhart perform on March 20 on a bill with Peaches and Steve Earle, at a benefit to raise funds to fight the US occupation of Iraq.

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